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Friday, August 18, 2006

Farmfest Flap Reprise

From the comments to this:

what a moronic conspiracy theory. They invited the endorsed candidates. Does that suck? Yes. But then to go on and on about how they are all women and they may have something to do with it…

Get over it. Be pissed they are skipping the primary.

To say it is because they are all women is grasping at straws and shows desperation in their campaign. Pathetic

I think Lourey's campaign missed the point here. The question is why Farmfest doesn't want their members to be exposed to all governor candidates so they can intelligently participate in the primary.

Personally, I think that supporters of the challengers should go to Hatch/Pawlenty/Hutchinson events - and wear chicken suits to symbolize how the endorsed candidates are cutting and running from defending their positions in a debate.