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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Gavin Sullivan on Bill Luther

This is the the correct quote from Gavin's speech. I copied and pasted the wrong thing. I'm sorry for the error.

You may recall that two cycles ago, a four-term DFL congressman was struggling for his political life in the Second District. A rascal from our own Third District left the DFL and paid to be listed on the ballot in the Second Congressional District on the phony baloney No New Taxes Party. The only reason for this was to bamboozle Second District voters and thwart democracy. That Congressman's failure to condemn the scheme may well have cost the politician his career. I will never condone such ethical lapses—nor will my name ever be associated with assaults upon our noblest principles of democracy.
Source: speech to the May 6, 2006 CD3 DFL Congressional District Convention

Gavin Sullivan is running against Wendy Wilde in the primary.