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Thursday, August 24, 2006

In which primary should I vote?

This question was asked by one of my friends and this person presented good arguments as to why he/she has reasons to vote in all of them.

1. Jeffers v Pawlenty
This person used to be a Republican but is more of a Libertarian in most aspects, thus, Jeffers is the logical choice and this primary can be a way to send Timmy a message about his lack of libertarian republicanism.

2. Peter Hutchinson v Pam Ellison
This person is supporting Peter in the general election regardless of who is nominated by the other parties, however, Peter has pretty much locked up a primary victory as Pam Ellison is the remains of the old Reform Party and only got the support of 20 delagates at the convention versus Hutchinson's 250+.

3. Lourey v Hatch
This person has voted for DLF candidates in the past, but also is a member of the GLBT community and Lourey is the best candidate for GLBT DFLers. Hatch isn't supportive of the GLBT community. This person also believes that if a DFL candidate is going to win in the general election he/she must be a true liberal, not a Hatch liberal.

What do you all think? Which primary are you voting in?