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Friday, August 18, 2006

Joe Lieberman and Louis Farrakhan

Phoenix Woman has the story.

Lieberman Loves Farrakhan

Remember the big stink the Powerline boys made over Minnesota state senator Keith Ellison's having as a college student -- along with many other naive black men who soon learned their lesson -- had the most tenuous and temporary of connections to Louis Farrakhan?

Remember, also, just how much the Powerline boys love Joe Lieberman, their favorite (former) Democrat?

Well, guess what:

Back in 2000 -- long after Keith Ellison and every key black leader and national figure had rejected Farrakhan's bigotry and anti-semitism, guess who was cuddling up to the guy?

C'mon, guess.

OK, I'll tell you: Joe Lieberman.

Read the whole thing.

I remember hearing when Joe Lieberman first ran against Lowell Weicker (who was one of the 3 Senators who voted against an anti-gay "Helms amendment" on AIDS), that Joe Lieberman had worn rubber gloves to go to a homeless shelter because he thought he'd get AIDS.

Joe Lieberman lost the primary. He should not get a do-over in the general election. I wonder how Arlen Specter would have felt about Pat Toomey getting a do-over in the general after running in the Republican primary.