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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Loosetrife on the Zimmermann Trial

From the Minneapolis Upside Down Blog about Zimmermann's admission, on tape that he arranged for a "straw man" to force a primary in the 2005 6th Ward election:

This may be the most politically damaging revelation at the trial thus far. James Lee Gorham, Dean's "straw man," managed to get 104 votes (7.26 percent) with a totally invisible campaign. Zimmermann's shrewd manipulation of the electoral system, forcing an unnecessary primary election that cost the public money, bespeaks a certain cynicism antithetical to Dean's adopted Green Party values. Two variants of Zimmerdefense died: (1) that Dean is by definition an innocent, a well-intentioned oaf who is really not capable of bribery or fraud and (2) that Dean is ultimately clean, that his friendly folksy ways and his willingness to "help" are being erroneously read as being open to corruption.

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