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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mark Stenglein Brags About the Stadium Tax as an Accomplishment

From Mark Stenglein's campaign website. His promotion of the Plymouth Library on his campaign website, reinforces that the purpose of the taxpayer funded piece I mentioned yesterday was a campaign piece.

Sid Hartman Calls Stenglein "Courageous"
Sunday, May 28, 2006


Star Tribune Senior Sports Columnist Sid Hartman wrote this about Commissioner Stenglein and his colleagues on the Board.

"Phil Krinkie, the esteemed so-called state representative, recently described the four Hennepin County commissioners in favor of the Twins plan -- Mike Opat, Randy Johnson, Peter McLaughlin and Mark Stenglein -- as "the Four Horsemen." Well, that is very nice of him to give these courageous politicians a name, because they deserve to be remembered for the courage they showed to continue voting for the stadium. A lot of us will keep on reminding people that the quartet kept Major League Baseball here, one big reason they deserve to be re-elected."

The Ballpark issue has been very contentious and hotly debated. I appreciate all who have contacted me with your concerns. I voted for the Ballpark because great places need great civic amenities that add to our collective quality of life. The new Twins Ballpark solidifies Hennepin County's prominence as the economic engine for the entire upper-Midwest.

Full disclosure, Commissioner Stenglein - how many of your employees have gone back and forth between your office, your campaigns, Twinsville and the Governor's office?

Also this:

Stenglein Successful in Lobbying Legislature

Stenglein Scores Major Successes in 2006 Legislative Session

A weary, but pleased Commissioner Stenglein made his way home after the Minnesota Legislature voted to officially end the 2006 session.
"I can say with conviction that this was a successful session for the residents of Hennepin County. Our efforts secured funding for many large public works projects that will ultimately improve and enhance our quality of life."

Some of those projects are:

* $5 M for work to begin on the redesign and rebuilding of Lowry Avenue
* $2.5 M for the replacement of the Lowry Avenue Bridge and the
Upper Mississippi planning
* A new Twins Stadium

Other projects that Hennepin County will begin work on include:

* Silver Lake Road redesign and rebuild from 37th to St. Anthony Blvd
* Northstar Corridor from Big Lake to Downtown Minneapolis
including extensions of LRT
* Redesign and rebuilding of the Plymouth Library

"As I look to the future of Hennepin County, I want to ensure that each project we pursue ultimately brings tangible value to our citizens -- from roads and bridges to libraries, from social services to public safely -- it must bring a benefit to our taxpayers."

The Stadium boondoggle doesn't do that.

If Stenglein had been looking out for the Hennepin County Taxpayer, he'd have worked on a plan to broaden the base of this tax, and not just stuck it to Hennepin County. Instead, he worked to tax Hennepin County residents 1 billion dollars to subsidize Carl Pohlad.

I'd be curious to know how much of Mark Stenglein's time was spent at the legislature lobbying on the Twins Stadium. Time is money.