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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mike Hatch Campaign Not Answering Questions On Gay Issues

From a comment to MN Publius:

Matthew Says:

A week ago I emailed the Mike Hatch campaign regarding his positions on GLBT issues. I have yet to hear back. Not a good sign.

I will, no doubt, be casting a vote for Hatch. But doing so will require holding my nose. Not only am i disappointed with his position on diversity and inclusiveness issues, I also find him to be terribly self-serving. And I am disappointed in the party for endorsing him. He had been state party chair and was appointed commerce commissioner by Gov Perpich, and then had the nerve to challenge Perpich in the 1990 election. No doubt Hatch contributed to Perpich's loss to Carlson that year. Four year later, consumed still by being governor, Hatch used political dirty tricks to try and set up John Marty as the endorsed candidate so he could beat him in the primary. First, such tactics are mean-spirited, but second he did it to one of the few politics who really care about honesty and integrity. And now Hatch expects that we will vote for him this time around. And who knows, he may actually end up being more conservative than Arne Carlson. The silver lining is Judi Dutcher, the only Republican I've ever voted for. Too bad the convention in 2002 endorsed Moe. Had they gone with Dutcher we might all be proudly working for her reelection this year, and not holding our noses....

Hatch supporter Dan tells gays to just take the seat at the back of the bus:

Dan Says:

I went to the Minnesota Queer blogs, where your name pops up. It says that Hatch declined to support the amendment, and that he participated in the pride parade.

Look, I know that GLBT people have had to take a backseat for a long time. And I know that Hatch is not the strongest supporter -- if you want to point out where Lourey is better, that is fair. But don't misrepresent Hatch's positions and make them seem worse than they are.

The only difference between Pawlenty and Hatch on gay issues is this - Pawlenty has taken a public stand in favor of the Bachmann amendment. Hatch has taken no stand on the Bachmann amendment.

When you look at candidates in the general election, the green party candidate and IP candidate both publicly oppose the Bachmann amendment.

Tim Pawlenty was also recently attacked by Edwatch for promoting the homosexual agenda in the schools.