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Friday, August 18, 2006

Mitch Berg Trying to Become Relevant

I never read Whine in the Dark any more unless someone links to it. The MOB Parrot in Chief has now got a post up about the blogs he reads regularly. Of the NARNian blogs, the only one I read regularly is King Banaian's SCSU Scholars. One of Mitch's commenters impersonated me. I never comment at Shot in the Dark any more. I will not comment on a blog that allows for commenters to impersonate other commenters. I don't expect those comments to be deleted, but I do expect the blog owner to say, "I think this comment isn't really Eva Young".

Bogus Gold is lapping the milk.

Pimpslapping Berg
Fun thing about being back with some fucking freedom to write like I really want. I don't have to play nice anymore either.

So it's time to set some things straight. We'll start with Mitch Berg's latest attempt to make the right-bloggy world all screwey by his "influence." Let's walk down the list of blogs he reads every day and kick the crap out it so you don't fall into some Berg-shaped rut of your own....

Meow.... I love the edgier and improved Bogus Gold.