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Thursday, August 24, 2006

My nominee for Lamest Rationale for the Twins Stadium Swindle.....

..... would be the oft-repeated citations of good works and donations provided by the Twins Community Fund.

Multiple speakers used this rationale during all three evenings of public hearings.

Not to denigrate community investments and volunteerism, but a 30 year sales tax and a public investment of over $300 million to benefit private investors is a steep price to pay to maintain a charitable organization that makes annual donations in the 6-figure range.

Look through the donor list of any major arts organization, the United Way, or countless other non-profits and you'll see significant donations from private businesses, year after year.

And, um, the last time I checked, nobody was forcing a 30 year sales tax down my throat to keep Target and General Mills (to name just two) in town.

Recitations of the 'good works' of the Twins, noble though they may sound, do not justify this huge, forced transfer of wealth from the taxpaying public to a set of private investors.