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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Rowley v Kline on Jason Lewis

Jeff Fecke partially transcribed the debate on Minnesota Monitor.

Jmjm at Dump John Kline comments:

This Friday, the fair had the added feature of a debate between incumbent Congressman John Kline and challenger Coleen Rowley. Er, well... that's how it was suppose to be but in the end it was the Jason Lewis ego show on KTLK with special guest Coleen Rowley. At a guess, Jason spoke for 30 minutes, Coleen for 20, and Kline for 5 (probably less). I suppose that means even Jason Lewis finds Kline to be boring, tedious, and un-eventful.

Jason lobbed loaded questions at Coleen like: "So you don't think the Democrats are Naderite enough on campaign finance reform?" Rowley responded that she thought the Democrats weren't "Law-enforcement enough." While John Kline showed us his leadership qualities of sitting like a bump on a log, or odd man out.

The majority of the time, Kline sat silent. The few moments he did respond, it usually was to recounting or agree to what Lewis had already said: Jason Lewis said the Bush plan is "amnesty for eleven million illegals," and that the McCain-Kennedy plan is "amnesty for anyone else who wants to come in." Kline agreed, and said the bill was "terrible."

For Kline supporters it was pathetically sad to see and hear Kline's lack luster and silent (brooding?) behavior take a back seat to Jason Lewis's partisan rants and the animated Coleen Rowley intellect and honesty.

It seemed both fitting and prophetical that afterward Jason Lewis commented to Coleen "I bet you're glad this is over", and Coleen enthusiastically answered "No, not at all, I'm ready to go again. In fact maybe next time we can talk about the war in Iraq and the economy!" Jason laughed as John Kline retreated faster than a white rabbit down the hole.

It would be nice to get this debate up on podcast.