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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Stadium Wars: The Taxpayers Strike Back!


There is a website for Citizens Campaigning Against Renegade Legislators.

They are protesting at Commissioners Houses:

SATURDAY Afternoon, August 19 2:00 PM --- Randy Johnson

Randy Johnson
3700 West 104th Street
Bloomington, MN 55431

Click here for: Map to Commissioner Johnson's house
Very easy to find. In Bloomington, right off of France Avenue South. Just north of Old Shakopee Road and not too far from Normandale Community College.

104th is on the east side of France Avenue South. The house will be on the left-hand side as you go down the hill and around the curve.

There is NO house number on the home or on the mailbox. It is a maroon/rust-colored home with light yellow/cream trim and a red door.

SUNDAY Afternoon, August 20 2:00 PM --- Mark Stenglein

Mark Stenglein
2322 Taylor Street NorthEast (note: TAYLOR, not Tyler)
Minneapolis, MN 55418

Click here for: Map to Commissioner Stenglein's house
Very easy to find. In NorthEast Minneapolis. This is exactly 2 blocks east of Central and 2 blocks south of Lowry.

It is a light color house with red trim, on the west side of the street with a flag out front, and plenty of on-street parking.

In the meantime, what else you can do (complete information available from the links on our home page):

1. If you cannot join us on a scheduled visit, we encourage you to go and visit the commissioners on your own, -- at YOUR convenience. Write a letter and stop by and drop it off. We have visited all of them, twice so far, and we plan to go back.

2. Call them and email them at their offices -- keep up the pressure, and keep the phone lines busy and the email boxes full.

3. Contact your city council and ask that they support the law and the taxpayers and pass a resolution in favor of a county-wide referendum.

4. Contact the media. Phone the TV stations or write a letter to the newspapers.

5. Tell your friends and family about and what they can do to fight back with us.

Do whatever you can think of to keep this issue alive and talked about.