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Friday, August 18, 2006

This sounds like an interesting book

PZ Myers pans Francis Collins new book which talks about Science and Faith. I'd disagree that "religion rots your brain." I consider myself agnostic. Sometimes I believe in God - and that belief is comforting to me - and I pray for various things. At other times, I don't. I have no way of determining whether God exists or not - and Science does not answer those questions.

Reading Psalms in the bible helps me when I struggle with mania, which is part of manic depression. There are messages in the bible which are helpful to me in confronting issues in my life. There are also messages in other classic sources - Plato, Shakespeare, Sappho, etc.

I find televangelism (Robertson, Foulwell, Dobson, etc.) to be a bunch of charlatans - who get people away from connecting to a local church. I think that's counter productive. Pat Robertson is just a scam artist.

I also think whether or not one is a believer or not, it's worth while reading the bible. The bible does have things in it for skeptics, which is what I consider myself to be.

My 8 year old niece is an atheist - and is very clear about that. She was asking us why coins had "In God We Trust" on them. She said "I don't trust God - why does this exclude me?" I thought that was a sharp insight from an 8 year old.


Simon said...

Why is the truth comes so easily from children?