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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Walk for Justice for Minnesota Women's Political Caucus Bleg


On September 17, I will be joining 2,000 people to raise money and celebrate work for justice and peace. Please support my Walk for Justice!
As you may know, I'm on the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Women's Political Caucus. This September our organization is participating in the Walk for Justice so we can raise funds to support our work.

The Walk for Justice is organized and financed by Headwaters Foundation. This means that most of the leg-work is done for participating groups so we can focus on raising support for our organization. This event allows nonprofits and small grassroots groups, like MWPC, to raise awareness, solidarity, visibility and financial support for the work we do to impact social change. Unlike other such walks, the Walk for Justice is about raising funds for MWPC, NOT for Headwaters or for just one cause.

The Walk for Justice is an excellent way for us to raise much-needed funds. Our organizational goal is to raise $8000. My personal goal is to raise $500. While you probably know about my involvement in MWPC, you can learn more about us by visiting

The funds we are raising through this event will help us to support our Campaign Assistance Program during a vital election year in Minnesota. The Campaign Assistance Projects gives practical assistance to MNWPC endorsed candidates to get elected. The more we can raise, the more we can help our 2006 endorsed candidates.

Your support of me and the Minnesota Women's Political Caucus through sponsorship, no matter how large or small, would be much appreciated. Could you support me with a donation to MWPC?

Thank you so much for considering the Minnesota Women's Political Caucus in your month's giving priorities!