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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Well They Slapped Michele Bachmann on the Wrist

Now they are slapping Outfront Minnesota on the wrist.

AP in St Paul Pioneer Press:

Campaign Finance Board: No fines for gay rights groups
Associated Press

ST. PAUL - The state's campaign finance board on Wednesday said it would not fine four gay rights groups after complaints from a group opposed to same-sex unions.

The Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board found unintentional violations of public disclosure law by OutFront Minnesota, Northfield PFLAG and Equality Minnesota, and no violations by Faith, Family, Fairness Alliance.

The probe was prompted by Minnesota Citizens in Defense of Marriage, an anti-gay marriage group that filed the complaint after questions were raised about its own disclosure practices.

In findings posted on its Web site, the board required Equality Minnesota and Northfield PFLAG to file papers as political funds and report financial details for Jan 1 through Aug. 21, 2006.

OutFront Minnesota earlier this month complied with the board's requirements to register as a political fund and file financial reports.

Faith, Family, Fairness Alliance didn't spend enough to trigger registration requirements, the board found. It dismissed complaints that OutFront failed to report spending on the constitutional amendment and that Equality Minnesota and Northfield PFLAG should have filed lobbying reports.

Hat Tip: Eleventh Avenue South.

I think the Campaign Finance Board was quite generous with OutFront Minnesota. They should know better.

Someone should file a complaint about Edwatch.