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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Alan Fine Promotes Olson and Zimmermann's PRT Boondoggle

As Dean Zimmermann awaits sentencing for his bribery conviction and his erstwhile PRT pod partner Rep. Mark Olson awaits the judgement of the House District 16b electorate, I continue to be amazed that candidates and parties continue to promote Zimmerman and Olson's bogus PRT boondoggle.

I was surprised to learn a while back that the Independence Party had a plank in its platform promoting PRT. This blog challenged the IP candidates to explain whether they too supported PRT. John Binkowski and Robert Fitzgerald both promptly let us know that they rejected PRT.

Today I received word that the IP candidate for the 5th District Congressional race Tammy Lee is not a PRTista. This is her statement:

I am for balancing the budget and funding the priorities we have already committed to in the area of transportation. Before switching horses (or pods) mid-stream, we need to finish funding our commitment to light rail and make that more accessible for more people.

Tammy Lee's rejection of her party's PRT plank reinforces my opinion that she is a thoughtful and decisive candidate for the office.

I decided to check the other third party candidate Jay Pond's web site to see if he was a PRTista like some others in the Green Party and saw no evidence of gadgetbahning.

I also checked Keith Ellison's campaign site and there too I found no indication that he supported PRT. However, Keith Ellison was one of only three DFLers who voted for Mark Olson's idiotic PRT amendment to the bonding bill in 2005. Elllison didn't make that mistake this year when Olson tried again and the amendment went down to defeat. I can forgive Ellison for his 2005 mistake... quite a few DFL legislators were fooled by the PRT promoters back then. I'm voting for Ellison in November.

Moving on to Republican Alan Fine... here's what Fine says on his web site:

Broader light rail expansion and/or the incorporation of new concepts like “Skyweb Express” should be considered.

First, Skyweb Express isn't a concept. Skyweb Express is another name for the moribund Taxi 2000 Corporation which hasn't posted anything new on its website's news page since 2004.

What's "fiscally prudent" about funding a Nixon-era concept that's wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars over the last thirty years?

Alan Fine... new member of the PRT Pod Squad.

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