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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another Blog Whodunnit

The Drama Queen is in the thick of it and posts the AP story.

In a prepared statement, Klobuchar campaign manager Ben Goldfarb said that communications director Tara McGuinness last Saturday was contacted by a local blogger who sent her a link to the Kennedy ad.

"The blogger indicated to Ms. McGuinness that he had gained access to the advertisement by use of passwords,'' Goldfarb said in the statement. "Exercising poor judgment, Ms. McGuinness opened the link, watched the advertisement and asked others on our campaign to watch it."

Goldfarb went on to say that Klobuchar, the Hennepin County attorney, directed him to report the incident to federal law enforcement for review. He didn't immediately return a phone call from The Associated Press seeking more information.

"What happened here was wrong,'' Klobuchar said in her own statement. "By reporting the blogger's activities and this incident to law enforcement, we are doing the right thing."

Klobuchar also apologized to Kennedy and his campaign.

A spokeswoman for the Kennedy campaign had no immediate response.

McGuinness did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

There are regular breathless updates on the Drama Queen's site. Jeff Fecke from the Blog of the Moderate Left asks who is the mole?

Fecke speculates:

I’m not going to speculate on who it could be, other than to note that this is someone with contacts in the Kennedy campaign. It’s not necessarily a lefty, though it certainly could be.

FWIW, also issuing a denial is Michael Brodkorb (while simultaneously insulting yours truly); no, I didn’t really think it was him, but you’ve got to admit that would have made a great story.

The MN Publius bloggers specifically say this was not them.

Developing. . .