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Sunday, September 24, 2006

City Pages Reminds Us of Ralph Kiffmeyer's Dildo Bill


Maybe Ralph Kiffmeyer was right about dildos

For his one term of service in the Minnesota House of Representatives, Ralph Kiffmeyer is remembered chiefly for a single thing: his failed effort to outlaw the sale of sex toys such as dildos and vibrators. (Oh, to live in Mississippi!) To this day, the mere mention of the name "Ralph Kiffmeyer" leads to sneering in certain libertine circles. And to this day, his name comes up with some regularity because his wife, Mary, is Minnesota's current secretary of state. (I made mention of Ralph in an article about Mrs. Kiffmeyer here).

Now it turns out that Mr. Kiffmeyer's long-ago moral crusade might have had inadvertant merit. At least, if you're inclined to believe the folks at Greenpeace Netherlands. The organization recently issued a consumer alert that warns sex toy fanciers of health risks arising from exposure to high levels of certain plasticisers found in dildos, butt plugs and vibrators.

Too bad there isn't any video of those hearings.

Mark H adds:

One rainy night last week I pulled 'Annie Hall' off of the video shelf and gave it another look.

I liked when Alvy (Woody Allen) was stopping strangers on the street to ask them for advice on how to keep a relationship going.

One older gentleman informed Alvy that he and his wife/partner used a large egg....

I wonder what Mr. Kiffmeyer would have said.