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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Debate Minnesota Squelches the Full Debate Update

Below is the text of a letter sent to Will Haddeland, President and CEO of Independent Community Bankers of Minnestoa, the organization choosing to stiffle the debate in the 6th Congressional District.

Good day sir.

I would like to follow up on our earlier conversation. Per my contacts at the Star Tribune, the Pioneer Press, the Stillwater Gazette and the St Cloud times, there are NO polls planned between now and Thursday 21, Sep 2006. This means two things:

1. No candidate will be capable of providing a "credible and independent" poll showing themselves with at least 5% of the vote.
2. If you include the DFL and Republican candidates without a poll showing them at 5%, by name, you must include the endorsed candidates from all 3 major political parties in Minnesota.

I am in the process of writing my story on this issue, and as I said earlier, all your statements on the phone earlier are considered part of the record including the fact that Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota is being pressured by the Board of Directors from Debate Minnesota to exclude the Minnesota's third major party, the Independence Party.

I will be contacting you again next week to see how you have rectified this problem. Thank you very much and have an enjoyable weekend.


David Joseph De Grio