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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Desperate Spinning from Chuck Darrell

A new St. Paul Pioneer Press/MPR poll measured current support for a constitutional amendment to define marriage in Minnesota.

Here are is an excerpt from the story on the MPR website.

A proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage did not make it on the ballot in Minnesota this year. If it had, the poll results suggests the vote could have been close. Forty- seven percent oppose an amendment, 40 percent support it and 13 percent are undecided.

Chuck Darrell of Minnesota for Marriage, a group supporting a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, doesn't agree with the new poll numbers. He says polling done by his group last year found support at 61 percent. Darrell said the MPR/Pioneer Press poll questions are confusing.

"When you put words like 'never' in there, and then you start putting different options, name off different things that it may or may not, and get away from a simple question of do you want to define marriage as between one man and and one woman, it starts to clouds things," Darrell said. "And that causes some of the numbers to shift."

These numbers are a big shift from a couple of years ago. I wonder if Michele Bachmann will update her soundbytes on public support for a constitutional amendment.

Poor Chuck Darrell - the facts are just not going his way. If he needs further evidence that his work is irrelevant, he should revisit those primary election results from September 12th, particularly in Brainerd and Willmar Senate districts.