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Sunday, September 24, 2006

DFLers in Edina Endorse a Candidate Who Says He Won't Criminalize the Gay "Lifestyle"

Al Franken did a huge fundraiser for Andrew Borene. MN Publius was raving about him regularly. He was supposed to be the rising star of the DFL, but then he flamed out very spectacularly.

It's interesting that in Edina, the DFL would endorse someone who holds views about gays that are much more reactionary than his constituents.

Socially Progressive-I believe in the fundamental American tenets of tolerance and liberty. I do not need to agree with everyone's point of view or lifestyle choices, but I will not criminalize it either. I believe that all Americans should receive equal civil rights and liberties. I fought for freedom in the deserts of Iraq, it is now time to fight for freedom in the legislatures of America.

Borene also opposed the University of Minnesota Law school challenging the Solomon amendment.

The incumbent in that district, Geoff Michel, is too conservative on social issues for the district. He has a Green Party opponent, Julie Risser. Risser has a blog, where you can read more about her in her own words. There is no way for the DFL to get someone on the ballot. Borene's campaign funds went straight to Amy Klobuchar.