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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Did Mike Hatch Push the DFL to Send the Sample Ballot Late?

From MN Publius comments:

gopherstate20 Says:

Hot news!!! The Official DFL Sample Ballot, a four-color 8.5 inch by 11 inch beauty, was mailed late and only arrived today in the mail. It will be interesting to see if more arrive tomorrow.

Steve Kelley had one side of the ballot to himself with his name mentioned five times and a large color photo. An effective piece for certain if it was delivered on time.

Question: Was it mailed late on purpose to submarine Steve? What was Melendez’s role in the execution of this piece?

Ultimate question: Given the closeness of Kelley’s loss, could it have made the difference?

Can the DFL party do anything right or was Kelley intentionally dropped from the ticket?

Posted at: September 12, 2006 11:45 PM

I've called Jess McIntosh from the DFL for comment? This would have also hurt Greg Gray in District 2, and Juan Lopez running for County Sheriff.

The question is why should candidates in Minneapolis waste their resources trying to get DFL endorsement?

UPDATE: Sly Di comments -

I suspect the real culprit here is the Postal Service's lethargic and unpredictable delivery. As a Postal Service retiree, I remember the good old days when all political mail was specially tagged so it wasn't forgotten. A couple days before the election, they even had workers climb up into Postal Service trucks and every nook and cranny of the Postal facilities to make sure we hadn't missed any political mailings.

Now, the Postal Service doesn't give a rip when the mail is delivered- especially mail for democratic candidates. They're obsessed with cutting costs, and Postal customers take a back seat to the big junk mailers .
Sly Di

I also talked to Jess McIntosh today and she gave me similar reasons why this could have happened. Sample GOTV ballots need to be sent out close to the election, so there is some loss because of late delivery.