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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ember's Press Release on the Lavender

From her website:

Press Release - Ember receives Lavender endorsement
Thursday, August 31, 2006 at 5:10 PM

Press Release

August 31, 2006 Contact: John Wodele
Ember receives Lavender endorsement

(Minneapolis, MN) Lavender, Minnesota's GLBT magazine, has endorsed Ember Reichgott Junge in the DFL primary for Congress in the Fifth District.

In its Friday, September 1 edition, the Lavender endorsement says "Without a doubt, Reichgott Junge is the most experienced, qualified, and progressive-thinking candidate."

Reichgott Junge, who served part of the Fifth District in the Minnesota State Senate for eighteen years, has consistently fought for civil and human rights and was praised in the endorsement editorial as "instrumental" in passing a 1993 amendment to the Human Rights Act that included GLBT individuals for the first time.

The magazine chose Reichgott Junge over the other candidates for her strong record of being tough on crime and her commitment to passing a bill to provide universal health care. But most emphatically, the editorial stated that "Unlike other candidates for the Fifth District seat, Reichgott Junge’s stand on issues protecting those without a voice is not tokenism, but a real and concerned call to action from the mountaintops."

Lavender is a biweekly magazine with features on local and national news, politics, travel, arts and entertainment. Its audience is primarily, but not limited to, the GLBT community.

Minnesota has one of the largest GLBT communities in the United States. Minneapolis boasts the second-highest percentage of GLBT population in the nation, and among large metro areas, the 2000 Census ranks Minneapolis as having the third-largest concentration of gay and lesbian couples.

Lavender is an entertainment rag. Their focus on news and politics doesn't go beyond posting blurbs on items I've read elsewhere first, and they have political opinion columnists, but have never spent a dime on political reporting. When I've asked Lavender why they won't put a beat reporter at the legislature, they have told me they are primarily an entertainment newspaper. They do have good original reporting on restaurant reviews and theater reviews. There is no hard news.