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Monday, September 25, 2006

Governor's Debate

Wednesday September 27
7:00 PM
Ted Mann Concert Hall at the University of Minnesota.

Governor Tim Pawlenty of Tax Increases (Republican)
Angry Man Attorney General Mike Hatch (DFL)
Simple Sloganeer Peter Hutchinson (IP)

I'd encourage people to come to this debate with tough questions for the candidates. Here are some suggested questions to ask. Please add yours in the comments.

Will you sign or veto a bill that would provide a sales tax exemption for local units of government. The University of Minnesota and non-profits do not pay sales tax. Local units of government do. Hennepin County pays 28 million a year in sales tax. Minneapolis would not need LGA, if the city had a sales tax exemption - the city is paying more into the State than the state gives back in LGA?

Would you sign or or veto a bill that would allow municipalities to offer domestic partner benefits? Do you believe that the appropriate role for legislators is to micromanage the HR policies of the local units of government in Minneapolis?

What is your transportation plan if MVST does NOT pass?

If MVST passes, will you cut social services, education or both - or will you raise taxes to fund these things?

Would you have signed or vetoed the Stadium bill that Governor Pawlenty of Tax increases signed, that taxed Hennepin County residents exclusively (through indirect increase in property taxes, and utility bill increases that affect only Hennepin County residents and businesses)?