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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Gray vs Stenglein on GLBT Issues

Mark Stenglein, has gotten an F- rating from Actwin on Gay issues. When I asked Stenglein if he would sign onto Peter McLaughlin's resolution for the county to publicly oppose Michele Bachmann's amendment to ban gay marriage and all legal recognition of gay relationships, Stenglein responded by asking that I get a resolution passed at my local republican convention before he, Mark Stenglein would consider it. Dennis Sanders, President of Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota asked Mark Stenglein to do the same and got a similar answer.

When I talked to Greg Gray about this issue, he said "I would be introducing this resolution if I were on the county board."

If you live in downtown, Northeast, or North Minneapolis, New Hope, and eastern Plymouth, please vote for Greg Gray for County Commissioner.

The primary is September 12.