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Monday, September 11, 2006

He Doth Protest too Much

Paul Koering's opponent, Kevin Goedker that is. He's got a post claiming that he is NOT homophobic.

It's EdAction, the Minnesota Family Council and the Minnesota Citizens in Defense of Marriage that are going after Paul Koering. Clearly the gay issue is part of the issue here.

From the post:

Senator Koering promised he would not vote for the Twins Stadium several times, however, he voted for it. He cannot be trusted. Even people that are in favor of same sex unions are upset about his record

I am VERY unhappy with Paul Koering on the Stadium vote. I had called him several times about that issue, and he told me he'd vote against it when it first came up to the Senate floor (the metro tax), and he did vote with the republicans. That was an easy vote. I called him the last day of session and pleaded with him to vote against the bill at the end of the session. That vote wouldn't have cost him with his district. He was the deciding vote on the 30 year sentence on the Hennepin County Taxpayer. He was not dishonest with me about it though. He told me that last day of session he was undecided on it. My guess is that leadership pushed him to support that bill.

Goedker goes on:

Senator Koering did walk out on a vote in 2003 that would have stopped teaching homosexuality in our schools. Maybe your children are grown up and out of school and you don't care about our future generations, but I do! I have two young children and am involved in the Garfield PTA. I don't think it is OK to teach my children that homosexuality is OK. Again, Senator Koering twisted the truth on TV last night, in an attempt to gain sympathy that he is being attacked. He said he remembers missing a vote because he was with his mother who was dying of cancer. His mother would be ashamed. I do acknowledge that his mother was sick and he was by her bedside and that was understandable. However, the vote I am talking about, and he knows exactly what I am talking about, was on May 2nd: he was at the Capital, roll call was at 9AM, he was there, he voted on several issues, he was there for a vote on page 1632 of the Senate Journal, then on page 1635, he did not vote for a measure that would have stopped the teaching of homosexuality in schools. He IMMEDIATELY was there for the next vote on the same page! He accused people of lying that he walked out on that vote on Lakeland Public TV last night. What would you call this? I would call it political spin.

What all this shows is, that even though Paul Koering voted with the MFC and the Minnesota Citizens in Defense of Marriage on the Bachmann amendment, they still went after him. EdAction (which is closely connected to Michele Bachmann) piled on. Paul's vote for the Bachmann amendment dried up contributions from gay supporters from the Twin Cities and elsewhere.

Here's more whining by Goedker:

I have been accused of splitting up the Republican Party. The party would have been divided whether it was me that ran or not. Why do you think a key Republican Executive Committee member has resigned? There may be more to come. There is an attack on the Republican Party platform by liberal minded individuals. At the endorsing convention, only about 50% of the delegates showed up. After seven ballots he received 60% of the delegates that showed up. If there was confidence in him, as an incumbent, he should have beat me the first time out. I believe that I am the most elect able [sic] conservative candidate in November.

This is going to make it very hard for the Republican to win in the general. I don't think Goedker can win in the general.

It's clear from Paul Goedker's unhinged ranting about the homosexual agenda that Paul Koering's homosexuality is very much part of his campaign.