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Saturday, September 16, 2006

House District 15A Race

King Banaian went to the candidate forum and has this report.

These are my notes from the Debate Minnesota debate between District 15A candidates Steve Gottwalt (SG) and Diana Murphy-Podawiltz (DMP) from which I've just returned.

Gay rights -- DMP -- supporter. They are civil, human rights. Upholding their rights along with everybody elses's. SG -- I support rights for everyone too. But if we're talking about special rights, we might have a disagreement. Followup on marriage amendment. SG -- yes, I will vote to move the amendment to the ballot. Dean Johnson wants to protect us from ourselves. MN voters are being blocked from expressing their views. What's wrong with letting people vote? DMP -- not a good amendment. Constitution should be reserved for very important things (like MVST??) "I believe in civil unions."

Steve Gottwalt might want to review the results in Dean Johnson's primary, where that was the issue used.

I agree with King Banaian on MVST. I will be voting NO on that nonsense. It is the responsibility of the legislature to make those decisions, and I oppose on principle, writing budgeting decisions into the constitution. The Strib wrote an editorial in support of this nonsense a few days ago.