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Monday, September 25, 2006

I think we've got it

More bad poll results are reported for Rep. Mark Kennedy. In the latest St. Paul PiPress/MPR poll, he's trailing Amy Klobuchar 52 to 37.

I heard Pat Shortridge, Kennedy's campaign manager, assure MPR listeners this morning that they expected to be trailing in September, but as the Kennedy campaign continues to educate voters about Mark's position on the issues, and how that contrasts with Amy Klobuchar, the momentum will swing their way.

Nice try, Mr. Shortridge.

My take on this is that Minnesota has a very clear understanding of where Mark Kennedy stands on the issues of current interest. He has a six-year record in the US House, which he rarely talks about. He gets very defensive when his record of voting with the White House over 90% of the time is mentioned. Mark's attempts to position himself as a reformer or agent of change have become hysterically funny.

Voters are going on record with their dislike of his campaign tactics. Even if they don't live in the 6th District, they remember the TV commercials his campaign ran in 2004 in his race against Patty Wetterling. The nagging, pathetic attacks on Amy Klobuchar are demonstrating a pattern of dirty campaigning.

Any day now, I expect a breathless report about how Amy Klobuchar lets the quackgrass grow wild in her front yard, or how she doesn't keep her sidewalk shoveled. Ron Carey will do a press conference to demand a response, and MDE will post hourly about the concern over the non-response.