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Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Independence Party and PRT

From the Independence Party Platform:

We support further development of a fully integrated, multimodal transportation system that could include automobiles, light and high speed rail, personal rapid transit (PRT), and High Occupancy Vehicle, high-speed bus lanes.

It's interesting that the IP equates PRT with Light rail and commuter rail.

I am not familiar with transportation issues to the same degree Avidor is. Both the Sierra Club - Northstar and Transit for Livable Communities passed resolutions opposing PRT.

Pharyngula has more on PRT and the Discovery Institute.

Avidor raises a good point when he suggests that IP candidates should be asked whether they support or oppose this particular IP platform plank. Peter Hutchinson, John Binkowski, Tammy Lee, Robert Fitzgerald et al, please step up to the plate and explain.

UPDATE: John Binkowski responds:

I absolutely don't equate PRT with LRT, nor do I support introducing it
into the transit mix.