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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Interesting 5th CD Comments In Lavender Magazine

The latest issue of Lavender Magazine had some political content other than the repetitive 'Bush is the Devil' diatribes. In an editorial with no byline, the magazine took the bold, revolutionary step of endorsing Ember Reichgott Junge for the 5th Congressional District seat currently held by Martin Olav Sabo.

The endorsed DFL candidate, State Rep. Keith Ellison, is dismissed for the reasons that have now become conventional wisdom this summer - the parking tickets, the personal financial questions, the Farrakhan connection, etc.

Minneapolis City Council member Paul Ostrow isn't even mentioned in the editorial.

The writer drags former DFL chair Mike Erlandson's purse through the mud.....

Erlandson is another candidate who is not qualified to serve. It was a sham and a shame that Sabo attempted a fait accompli by the timing of his announcement to not run for office again, and by an attempt to anoint as his successor a member of his own staff, Erlandson. It certainly was not democratic, and was a slap to the DFL.

The Fifth District DFL convention was right to withhold the nomination from Erlandson. He then stormed out of the convention like a little boy who didn’t get his way.

Unforgivably, Erlandson is the man who engineered the Senator Paul Wellstone funeral debacle, which led directly to the election of Senator Norm Coleman, a Republican.

How much more incompetent could Erlandson be? Clearly, he is the least desirable candidate.

While the editorial as a whole is a yawner, I'm finding some smug personal satisfaction that SOMEBODY is finally reminding the public of Erlandson's role in the Wellstone funeral debacle. At the time, Mr. Mike seemed to be the only person in the United States who couldn't link the 'funeral' to the lousy election results for the Democrats.