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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

An Invitation to Have a Beer!

Hello friends-

I want to invite you to meet Tammy Lee, the 5th Congressional District Independence Party endorsed candidate. I will only take a minute to tell you why I am supporting Tammy Lee and at the end of this note you will see some info regarding an event this week. Please take a moment to read all the way through.

As you all know, my primary concern is the well-being of my family and friends, today I write with the same goals in mind.

As you know during the past 6 years we have seen increased cuts to the budgets of the NIH and NSF. In turn, this has led to an overall decrease in the amount of funding available to institutions and departments such as the UofM Chemistry Department. Additionally, sciene for the sake of science, is getting harder to do. Virtually all grants now require that the results have forseen, long term implications. Sometimes we need to do science with the goal of learning new things which may or may not have long term benefit. The more we know as scientists the better equipped we are to make the breakthroughs of the future. Tammy Lee believes in two things:

1. Scientists should be the people guiding the direction and scope of scientific research, not Washington brearucrats.

2. Funding science, specifically by restoring funding to previous levels, to bring about innovation in medicine and alternative energy solution.

Some additional reasons I support Tammy Lee follow.

* Tammy Lee is advocating a change in "pork-barrel" spending, such that all expendiatures are debated by Congress, rather than sneaking in extra spending in other bills.

* Tammy Lee supports equality in civil rights for all people regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

* Tammy Lee wants to change our energy policy by intelligently combining alternative fuel technologies and renewable energy sources.

* Tammy Lee wants to protect our environment and encourages responsiblity by all people and businesses.

* Tammy Lee calls for RESPONSIBLE foreign policy. We can't invade countries alone, but we can't appease the enemies who wish to do us and our allies harm.

* Tammy Lee believes in a living wage for all of America's workforce and affordable health care too.

* Tammy Lee is a consensus builder, her campaign staff and supporters are prigressive minded people from both the Left and the Right. She will bring us together to move the country FORWARD.

* Tammy Lee will be an Independent voice in Washington who answers ONLY to the people of Minnesota and NOT to party leaders.

These are just a few points I wanted to make. For more information visit and take a look at the "Issues" page.

Finally, on September 6th from 5-7pm Tammy Lee will be at The Independent Bar in Uptown and I would like to invite you to come meet Tammy Lee personally. Help me make Tammy Lee the first Independent Congresswoman to the US House of Representatives!