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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Johnson v TBA on Lori Swanson's Endorsements by Women's PACs

Doug Bass maintains a blog about the AG's race. I saw him last night at MOB, and he asked if I was keeping up. I had not stopped over there in a while. It's not a race I'm covering, so haven't been reading other blogs on the topic.



Lori Swanson, DFL candidate for Attorney General, today announced receiving the support of two womens’ advocacy organizations in the election for Minnesota Attorney General.

Swanson announced her endorsement by the Minnesota Women's Political Caucus PAC, as well as her support from the Minnesota Women's Campaign Fund PAC.

[I find it curious that the Minnesota Women's Political Caucus PAC is not endorsing a candidate in the 6th Congressional District. The Minnesota Women's Campaign Fund PAC is endorsing Patty Wetterling. Both groups are endorsing Ember Reichgott Junge in the 5th Congressional District.]

This isn't curious. These are both state political action committees. There is also a National Women's Political Caucus PAC which would endorse in a national race such as Wetterling v Bachmann. I anticipate the endorsement will go to Patty Wetterling. Michele Bachmann gets endorsements from organizations like the Concerned Women for America which focus extensively on anti-gay activism.

"The Minnesota Women's Political Caucus is proud to endorse Lori Swanson for Attorney General. She is a demonstrated fighter and proven leader for women, children and families. We are proud to support Lori as the future first woman Attorney General of in the history of Minnesota," said Erin Moline, Executive Director of the Minnesota Women’s Political Caucus.

And said Sara J. Fenlason, Executive Director of the Minnesota Women's Campaign Fund: "The Minnesota Women's Campaign Fund is pleased to have such a strongly qualified and experienced candidate to support in the 2006 Attorney General race. Lori Swanson’s first hand experience as Solicitor General in the office of the Attorney General will serve the people of Minnesota extremely well, and the life experience she brings as a woman will ensure that all of us – men and women alike – are fairly represented in all areas. Furthermore, Lori's commitment to ensuring the constitutionality of future legislation as well as her belief in upholding legal precedent – including Roe vs. Wade - make her the ideal candidate for the Minnesota Women's Campaign Fund to support; we look forward to the election of Lori Swanson as Minnesota’s first woman Attorney General."

[It is interesting that both groups emphasized "first woman Attorney General."]

That would be the case. However I think Lori's key issue against Steve Kelley is Kelley's stance on the stadium swindle.

"I'm pleased to receive these endorsements," Swanson said. "As Attorney General, I'll stand up for all Minnesotans when the deck is stacked against them by those who hold the cards. And I've got the experience and energy to hit the ground running for the people of Minnesota from day one," Swanson said.

Swanson has served as both Minnesota Solicitor General and Deputy Attorney General in the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General. Minnesota has had 28 Attorneys General in its 148 year history. Swanson would be the first female Attorney General of Minnesota.

She would. My question is whether she has the same "let's pick fights" attitude that Mike Hatch has.