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Friday, September 08, 2006

Jordan Kuschner on Why Mark Stenglein Has to Go

Minneapolis Issues:

Kushner lives in Mark Stenglein's district.

Posted 08 Sep 2006 12:25 by Jordan Kushner

Stenglein has to go not only because of his individual votes for smoking and the stadium, but foremost because he is a barely closeted rightwing Republican who does not fit with his district. Stenglein's true ideological leanings were first revealed on this list when he ran for mayor in 2001 when David Brauer showed the database record of his campaign contributions to Newt Gringrich. Stenglein had Republicans working for him and supporting him and hired as his campaign manager Brian McClung, an already established Republican operative who now is a top Pawlenty aide. Stenglein has been unabashedly anti-gay all along, again on specific vote such as domestic partner benefits as well as statements about the "gay agenda." He reaffirmed his political identity as an official part of the Bush campaign in 2004 when he wrote an op-ed piece in the Strib as an "independent" supporting Bush supposedly to protect our national security. This was enough for St. Paul to overwhelmingly dump Randy Kelly. Stenglein needs to be replaced with someone who will properly represent the central city and relatively liberal suburbs. Greg Gray is a much better fit with a dedication to social needs and a broad range of relevant experience a legislature from north Mpls (prior to Keith Ellison), candidate for state auditor, and a professional background in legal and financial fields.

Jordan S. Kushner
Golden Valley - Stenglein's district