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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Lavender's Endorsement of Ember Reichgott Junge

Mark Hanson has commented on this. So has Andy Birkey at Eleventh Avenue South.

Lavender's endorsement was for Ember Reichgott Junge. As Lavender stated, Ember has an excellent record at the legislature on gay issues. She is also very willing to stray from established DFL party line at times. This is to her credit. Ember has done thankless, and tireless work for the Minnesota Women's Political Caucus. I got to know her through being on the board of the MWPC.

Ember mentioned to me that she had taken out an ad in Lavender to describe her position on Gay marriage (she supports it) during Gay Pride (I did not see a copy of that ad, so don't know how big an ad buy it was). Paul Ostrow has an ad opposite Ember's endorsement. Keith Ellison and Mike Erlandson don't have ads in Lavender. They were attacked by name in the article. I think there are some votes that Ostrow can be attacked for in the City Council. Someone who follows City Council politics more than I would know what they are.

There was a pro-Paul Ostrow letter to the editor published in Lavender.

Lavender is about marketting to the gay community. Lavender does not do due diligence and research candidates positions on gay issues. In fact, the attacks on the other candidates are not based on gay issues.

In the past, Lavender endorsed Ray Tricomo for the US Senate. I don't know of anyone who takes Lavender's recommendations seriously.

I am planning on contacting all 5th District Candidates, plus Lavender to find out how much they spent for Advertising in Lavender. Lavender's endorsement was published so there are no opportunities for letter writers to comment before the primary election. In my opinion this stinks.