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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Mike Hatch's Arrogance and Problems

Craig Cox discusses the issue on Minnesota Monitor.

Hatch's Double Standard.

With recent polls showing Mike Hatch in a virtual dead-heat with Gov. Tim Pawlenty, DFLers are probably not going to argue with the attorney general’s election campaign, but there are serious questions about Hatch's commitment to the party after he refused to have DFL sample ballots printed for the primary, apparently because his choice for attorney general, Lori Swanson, was not on the ticket.

The DFL-endorsed AG candidate, Steve Kelley, reportedly was not pleased with Hatch's work on behalf of Swanson, which clearly had an effect on Kelley's disappointing primary performance. But DFL loyalists remain true to Hatch nonetheless - a fact I'd suggest is mostly due to the party’s long absence from the governor’s office. Indeed, according to one insider in the Becky Lourey campaign, those loyalists dispatched "a lot of very ugly mail" to Lourey, taking her to task for not supporting the DFL's endorsed candidate.

Given Hatch's lack of party loyalty over the years, the double standard he and his supporters are practicing is particularly ironic. And it could end up hurting him in the November election. A Lourey campaign source told me that a lot of Minneapolis progressives are looking elsewhere for someone to support for governor. "I think Mike Hatch is going to have trouble with progressives," he said.

Hatch's support at the convention were mostly paid to be there by the unions. He doesn't have volunteer support.

I've pointed out frequently, that Hatch has some real challenges with getting gay support.