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Saturday, September 30, 2006

The MN GOP Can't Get Anything Right

In Lori Sturdevant's October 1st column in the Star Tribune she is all full of righteous indignation about a campaign brochure prepared by the state GOP party to attack first term DFL State Representative Melissa Hortman in 47B.

One of the points on the brochure is that Rep. Hortman voted 'no to giving you a vote on the stadium tax'.


What actually happened is that Rep. Hortman supported a floor amendment that would have required a referendum. When that failed, she still supported the final bill with no referendum.

Ms. Sturdevant doesn't have the intellectual honesty to point out the problem with Rep. Hortman's defense - she gets a pass on the John Kerry-esque 'I voted against it before I voted for it'.

What I also find amazing is that the state GOP would use stadium votes for attacks, when the governor made a media event out of signing the exact same bill.