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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More Kudos: Julie Risser Rejects Personal Rapid Transit

Julie Risser sent us the following message:

After researching PRT, reading the Sierra Club's position and the Transit for Livable Communities' website, I have come to the conclusion that PRT is not viable for Minnesota. Minnesota has made a committment to lightrail. We need to continue this committment. The Southwest Corridor is a logical continuation of the lightrail network. We also need to continue our committments to bike paths, side walks, and buses. The Twin Cities is decades behind other metro areas in terms of transit.

I think it shows a lot of courage and strength of character for a candidate to change their opinion on an issue during an election. It is a very rare candidate that can do that... Julie Risser has my respect and admiration for studying this issue and and reconsidering her position.