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Thursday, September 21, 2006

More on the Noah Kunin Hacked the Kennedy Media Consultant's Poorly Secured Website Flap

The Drama Queen has regular updates on the topic. This story is also on print and broadcast media.

The breach of security was NOT on Kennedy's campaign website, it was on his media consultant's website (who implemented poor security measures). So why did the Kennedy campaign do this? DFL Senate investigates.

Fecke comments more.

Exactly. I don't blame the Kennedy campaign, mind you, for trying to make something out of nothing. But there's an art to stringing this out, folks. If your site had been the one "hacked" and not the Scott Howell site - or if you'd taken down the contributions page–or the blog - or if you'd actually taken the time to actually take down pages instead of faking it - then this might be cause for further sympathy.

But I can tell you, watching WCCO tonight, they made darn sure to note that the contributions page was still up. And I can guarantee you that nobody missed the implication: this is a ploy.

No, this is the moment at which the Kennedy campaign has overplayed the sympathy card. Yeah, it sucks that your ad was swiped, but the Klobuchar campaign didn't have to tell you - and a less ethical campaign wouldn't have. Circle the wagons, turn on the red lights on KvM, but this is already about over as a story, and by the weekend it will be all but forgotten.

Here's my free advice to the Mark Kennedy campaign. Start explaining why you are a better candidate than Amy Klobuchar, and don't waste time on these endless distractions. You are behind in the polls, but run a credible campaign - and people will respect you - win or lose. If you employ people who pull these sorts of stunts, you are going to lose most people's respect when you lose the election.

And don't think that stuff like putting redirects on your website to fake taking the site down will get undetected by a community of tech savy people (which is what bloggers are).