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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More Proof the MN GOP is Lost on the Prairie

A Pioneer Press/MPR poll shows woeful results for Jeff Johnson, a well-qualified Republican candidate for Attorney General. He has been officially campaigning since February 2005. Considering the DFL didn't settle on a candidate until September 12th, this contest could have been a chip shot. But no, the state party continues to foam at the mouth over the US Senate race, which is all but a done deal.

Excerpts from the PiPress story:

The general election is only 42 days away, but the major candidates for Minnesota attorney general are still unknowns to about half the voters, a new poll shows.

Lori Swanson, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor candidate, has a significant lead — 37 percent to 24 percent — over Republican Jeff Johnson among voters who have made up their minds. But more than one-third of the voters questioned in the poll were undecided on whom they favor among the four attorney general candidates.

On the name recognition issue, 49 percent of the voters questioned said they did not recognize Swanson's name. Fifty-six percent didn't recognize Johnson's.


"Half the voters really don't know who they are," Coker said of Swanson and Johnson. "Both candidates, I think, are getting votes from people who are simply voting for them because of the party label."


Despite the high number of undecided voters, Coker said Swanson's lead over Johnson was significant. "A 13-point lead is nothing to ignore," he said.

In the poll, Swanson led Johnson in all subsets of voters — men, women, metro and outstate residents, Democrats, independents — except Republicans. And she was favored by 6 percent of the poll respondents who identified themselves as Republican. By comparison, only 1 percent of DFL voters said they would vote for Johnson.

The only rational theory I can come up with is that Karl Rove and the Washington gang don't care about the Minnesota AG race, and Ron Carey is doing as he's told.