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Friday, September 01, 2006

Not Sure Why Terri Bonoff Is Promoting the Stadium Swindle as a Reason to Vote For Her

From Terri Bonoff's website.

July 27, 2006

It isn't really about baseball, and it ain't over yet

A letter from Brian Burke, president of the Navarre Distribution Services unit of Navarre Corporation, where Sen. Terri Bonoff (DFL-Minnetonka) worked as vice president of marketing, appeared in Sun Sailor newspaper:

Stadium vote is history

To the editor:

Over the past couple of months, I have continually heard and seen individuals attacking our local state senator for her vote on a new baseball stadium. As a lifelong Republican, I stepped across party lines during the last state Senate election to vote for Sen. Terri Bonoff, DFL-Minnetonka. What caused me to make this decision? Ultimately, while I historically don't make my vote based on one issue, I did during this past election. That one issue is the funding of a new baseball stadium for the Minnesota Twins.

I grew up attending baseball games at old County Stadium in Milwaukee and at Wrigley Field in Chicago. My father, now 70 years old, talks about attending baseball games at Wrigley Field with his friends. The memories of attending those games are something that my father and I will also cherish. I want to share these types of memories with my 3-year-old son. When is the last time you've heard someone say the same thing about the Metrodome?

Unfortunately, as with politics in today's environment, certain individuals can't move forward. There are many other things that now need attention. The stadium vote is done - let's move forward.

Brian Burke

You'd think Terri would want to be focusing on issues like good Science education (taking a swipe at Judy Johnson's statement at the Chamber of Commerce debate suggesting that Intelligent Design creationism should be taught in schools - because kids should be discussing their beliefs in class. Judy didn't specifically say this should be done in a science class, but that's what I came away with. Judy has been trying to run away from that position since. You'd also think that Terri would be focusing on issues like family planning and fair treatment for all Minnesotans, pointing out Judy Johnson's support for the Bachmann amendment. Instead Terri Bonoff's website is playing towards Judy Johnson's strength, which is her principled, and knowledgable opposition to the Stadium boondoggle.

This letter to the editor on Bonoff's website does explain her position in a way that does damage control, rather than hurting her more:

July 25, 2006

To the Editor:

I was surprised to see internet blogger Matt Abe's letter stating that Sen. Terri Bonoff is out-of-tune with constituents. In my work as a volunteer for sports, scouts and schools,

I've met many people of varied backgrounds and beliefs. The tie that binds politically for most constituents is that they want an effective, honest, and independent leader. Sen. Terri Bonoff fits this description.

In her campaign, she said she would be a voice for the middle and work across party lines on issues that matter most: education, health care, transportation, fiscal responsibility, and the environment.

She did just that to deliver big on early childhood education, mass transit in the western suburbs, tax relief for Minnesotans, and tough mercury emission standards.

Bonoff also made no bones that a Twins stadium was part of her vision of Minnesota as a first-class state. Nonetheless, she promised constituents she would work to make the plan better and ultimately voted for the less costly Senate plan, which broadened the tax burden and included a voter referendum.

However, when it became clear that the governor and the House Speaker would not compromise, she voted for their plan and kept her biggest constituent promise by not acting as an entrenched ideologue.

"Out-of-tune" does not describe Sen. Bonoff. It does, however, describe those who think that they can promote their cause by distorting Bonoff's record rather than running a positive campaign on the issues.

- Ellen Dustman

I still think that if Bonoff was serious about getting a good deal for Hennepin County, she would have requested a seat on the conference committee, and helped Steve Kelley to have a spine and walk away from any deal that didn't extend the stadium tax out to the metro area. The metro tax didn't even need to include transportation - the important piece, would be that the tax wouldn't just be Hennepin - and it would be paid off quicker (5 or 10 years) since the Twins will be back for another stadium in 10 years anyway.

Sen. Linda Higgins (DFL, Minneapolis) was even worse about this issue - and I think CCARL really needs to demonstrate outside her house. Linda is not going to lose, but she deserves aggrevated phone calls on this issue. Linda rebuffed efforts by Scott Dibble to make the tax metro-wide during the hearing in the local government committee. In my opinion, Scott Dibble should have been more agressive about calling for a vote on his amendment, rather than politely backing down.