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Friday, September 01, 2006

PAC Started to Throw the Bums Out

From CCARL's website:

Our first need for volunteers is the
weekend of September 9 & 10.
This is the weekend before the primary election.

Sponsored by CAST (Citizens Against Stadium Taxes), a newly-formed political committee, a weekend event is being planned to help inform the public about the primary election and how the citizens can take the first step towards sending a message to these men.

This is not a CCARL-sponsored event, but we are supporting them in every one of their efforts.

Volunteers are needed with all sorts of skills, abilities, and interests.
You would need to give a time committment of anywhere from one hour on up. If you can spend the whole day, GREAT!, but any effort on your part will be greatly appreciated.

Send us your first name and a phone number (

You will be contacted by CAST with full details about how you can help.

This is exactly what we need. A PAC so that angry Hennepin County Taxpayers can donate to help produce hit pieces on lead legislators and County Commissioners who saddled us with this 30 year tax increase for a stadium that will last 10 to 15 years before Pohlad is back at the legislator begging for a new one.