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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Paul Koering's Opponent, Kevin Goedker Has a Blog

In his own words:

Dear Citizens of Morrison and Crow Wing Counties,
August 31st, 2006

My name is Kevin Goedker and in April, I announced my candidacy for the Republican nomination of State Senator for District 12. In these past weeks and months, I have had the privilege of visiting with many of the residents of Morrison and Crow Wing counties. I have heard your concerns about the problems you are facing and the direction you want our state to move in. I would, therefore, like to state through this letter my views on the critical issues and problems facing our district and the State of Minnesota.

I am running for the Senate because I believe it is most important that we have a senator who will both vote for and fight for the passage of the proposed Marriage Amendment to the Minnesota State Constitution.

I believe that marriage is a faithful union between one man and one woman. I completely agree with the statement made by the Catholic Bishops of Minnesota on April 26, 2004 and December 22, 2005, which endorsed the Marriage Amendment and called for its enactment. The Catholic Bishops rightfully stated that "marriage was a union instituted by God for the procreation and education of children" and that "the principled defense of marriage is an urgent necessity for the well-being of children and families and for the common good of society."

I strongly disagree with the Senator Koering's vote against the motion on April 7, 2005, to bring the Marriage Amendment to the Senate floor. On that date, Senator Koering voted NO to this motion that would have allowed the Senate to put the measure on the ballot and give the people of Minnesota the right to decide this fundamental moral issue. Senator Koering was the only Republican state senator to vote NO on the Marriage Amendment motion. I am also in strong disagreement with Senator Koering’s statements in the City Pages magazine of Minneapolis on June 1, 2005, in which he stated his support for "civil unions" for homosexual couples, a provision that is prohibited by the Minnesota Marriage Amendment.

While Senator Koering has now voted both for and against efforts to bring the Marriage Amendment to the Senate floor for a vote, I believe that we must have a senator who will speak out forcefully and with a clear, consistent, and principled voice in support of the Minnesota Marriage Amendment. I will do that if elected to the Minnesota State Senate.

I also run for the Senate over great concern for drastically rising property taxes in both Morrison and Crow Wing counties and throughout much of rural Minnesota. I favor and would vote for a two-year freeze on all property taxes unless a vote of the people by referendum would permit an increase in property taxes. I will author and vote for legislation to achieve this. High property taxes are a deterrent to economic development and creation of jobs in District 12 and all of Minnesota. High property taxes are a burden to homeowners, senior citizens, farmers, and small businesses. I will further oppose any increase in the sales tax and the income tax in Minnesota. We must be vigilant against any attempts by liberals to increase state spending and raise taxes.

I take exception with Senator Koering's many votes to increase taxes. In the 2003 legislative session, the Journal of the Senate shows that Senator Koering voted against an amendment to support Gov. Pawlenty's plan to balance the budget without raising taxes. In the 2005 session, Senator Koering is listed by the Minnesota Taxpayers League as having a score of only 26 out of 100 on tax and spending legislation. This was the second-lowest score of all Republican senators.

On education, I support both our public and non-public schools. I favor giving parents choices in the education of their children. I support Tax Credits for parents to assist in the education of their children. When the state of Minnesota invests dollars responsibly for the education of children, it is the best investment in our state’s future. As a husband to Cindie and father of two children, I have valued my participation in the Brainerd School system through the Garfield School PTA and service on the Independent School District 181 Advisory Committee.

An issue of great importance to the future of our state and nation is the right to life for unborn babies and for every person. I believe the Supreme Court decision of January 22, 1973, ROE vs. WADE, which legalized abortion on demand was wrongly decided. I believe in the right to life of every person from conception until natural death. I will forcefully represent this pro-life philosophy in all of my votes and efforts if elected to the Minnesota Senate.

I also want to pledge my commitment and support for gun owner's rights and for our second amendment freedoms. In my five years of service as a member of the United States Marine Corps, I know how vital it is that we in this country must always be prepared to defend our freedom and preserve the security of our great nation. In working in a family owned real estate business with my father and mother Gene and Karol Goedker and my brother David, I believe in the conservative principles of limited government, support for small businesses, lower taxes, and less regulation of free enterprise. I believe this is the true path to job creation, economic development, and a strong economy. It is also the true path to the building of strong communities and strong families.

I also believe that my experience as a member of the Brainerd City Council has taught me much about the importance of local government and a respect for the proper use of tax dollars to serve the public good.

In the days and weeks ahead, I look forward to visiting with many of you and your families. I believe this election will decide what kind of a state we will have and what kind of society we want our children to grow up in. I believe I am the most elect-able conservative candidate for Morrison and Crow Wing Counties. I ask for your help, your support, your prayers and most importantly your vote. Your vote will be appreciated. Thank you.
Vote in the Republican primary election on Tuesday, September 12!

Kevin T. Goedker, Candidate for State Senate District 12

In my opinion, the differences between Koering and Goedker on the marriage amendment are minimal (like the differences between Pawlenty and Hatch). Koering doesn't push the amendment so strongly as Goedker, but he will vote for it. Goedker told me he opposed the Stadium swindle. He has said so over the radio. A woman from Brainerd at the GOP booth said he had that information on this website, but I did not see it there.

This blog entry shows that his major issue in opposition to Paul Koering is the marriage amendment, but I've always thought Paul Koering has a poor Taxpayer's League voting record (and Koering signed the Taxpayer League pledge - he should not sign a pledge if he has no intention of keeping it). Paul Koering voted in favor of the Stadium swindle. I had called him the day of the final vote and pleaded with him to respect the Hennepin County voter, but he voted to increase our taxes.

I don't think Koering's sexual orientation is the only reason Goedker is running, but it's clearly an issue in this race.


Former Nebaskan said...

As the South Dakota anit-abortion vote shows, when all the smart young people leave the upper Midwest, those left behind are older, less well-educated and really really bigoted. They tend toward having the bravery to put Support the Troops magnets on their aging Suburbans and pick-ups but the men and women doing the actual fighting and dying in Iraq look like what you see at the mall in L.A. or Dallas: big representation of Hispanics, Blacks, Asians and poor young whites. Meanwhile the old whites still stuck on the farm and in the small towns of Minnesota and the Dakotas wear their narrow-mindedness and their bigotry on their sleeves -- too cowardly (and usually too obese) -- to go fight for their country but plenty willing to spout off about other people's sex lives.