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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Silencing of Candidates in the 6th District

Many weeks ago, Debate Minnesota invited John Binkowski to debate his opponents on Thursday September, 21, but they are now trying to exclude him, claiming that whe must provide them with a poll showing he polls at 5%.

Of course, this cannot be done since no polls on the Sixth Congressional District race have been released. The only polls ask about Unnamed Republican v Unnamed Democrat. The Bachmann camp have released polls, but they are internal, thus not credible.

John needs your help to remind Debate Minnesota that the Independence Party has major party status in Minnesota and that any credible debate must include all major-party endorsed candidates. Call Mary Heller at Debate Minnesota (651) 687-9080 and let her know that you want John to be included in the debate. Also need you to come to the debate next Thursday at the Woodbury Amphitheater at 7 p.m. and show your support for Johh (whether they let him onto the stage or not).

Here is a prepared statement, should you not know what to say:

Ask for Mary Heller

"Hello my name is __________ and I am calling in regards to the 6th Congressional District debate. It is my understanding that you previously invited the IP candidate, John Binkowski, and now are trying to exclude him. I understand that you have a policy which requires a poll showing 5% support, however; that is impossible since no credible polls have been conducted in the district. Furthermore, those which have been done only included an unnamed democrat and republican. The IP has major party status in Minnesota. Should your organization wish to maintain any credibiliy as an impartial observer of Minnesota politics you are obligated to invite John."

Don't be afraid to make the call, and please pass this on to your friends and family. With your help, Debate Minnesota will have no choice but to let John debate.

John is a excellent candidate with fresh ideas and great appeal to voters of all stripes. He deserves a chance to stand up next to his opponents and let voters know what he stands for. You can learn more about him by visiting his website at