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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Stenglein v Gray at the Urban League

I'm hoping to get a copy of the debate on tape, but I made sure an audience question got asked about the Bachmann amendment. Greg Gray said he would absolutely support getting the county on record in opposition. Mark Stenglein said he would want the county to take no position on it, but he personally believed that if gays wanted the ability, they should be able to get married, and they should also be able to have the headaches of divorce.

I talked to Mark Stenglein before the debate, and he said it wasn't fair of me to come down hard on him about the gay issue. He said he was the 4th vote on some benefits issue. I asked him to please send me the details on that. I'd actually like to know who that 3rd vote was. I recently talked to Gail Dorfman, and she told me she introduced a domestic partners resolution at the county several years ago, and only she and Peter voted for the resolution.

I told Stenglein that I understood he used anti-gay rhetoric at speeches during his 2001 mayoral campaign. He said, come on Eva, everyone grows and changes. Your mother wasn't always good on this issue. I told Stenglein, my mother has been supportive of me on this issue all my adult life.