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Sunday, September 03, 2006

They Certainly Deserve Each Other

From Mark Stenglein's website:


The caption is:

Stenglein and the Stanek's [sic] join the Blues Brothers in St. Anthony.

Mark Stenglein is a member of the HCMC Hospital Governance Board. Does Mark Stenglein have MCCL endorsement? He doesn't like to say.

I talked with someone who has worked with Mark Stenglein in the past who stated that Stenglein was "almost rabid" on the gays. When Mark Stenglein ran for Mayor, I remember people who were tabling for Mark Stenglein at a mayoral debate refer to "those people" who were tabling for Lisa McDonald. Lisa has always excellent gay support - and deservedly so.

Mark Stenglein and Rich Stanek deserve each other.

These photos seem as bad for Mark Stenglein as the photos that Michele Bachmann had of the Vote for Pedro shirt.