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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tim Pawlenty Leading in Rasmussen Poll, Peter Hutchinson Gets 8%

September 1, 2006
Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty

Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty now leads Attorney General Mike Hatch, the DFL or Democratic candidate, 45% to 39%. Independent Peter Hutchinson manages to earn 8% in the three-way match-up, and 8% are undecided (see crosstabs).

Pawlenty thus enjoys a lead for the second Rasmussen Reports election poll in a row. In our August survey, though, a sudden surge gave him a ten-point lead over Hatch, now trimmed a bit.

In June it was Hatch ahead, 47% to 42%. Pawlenty has been trailing the challenger most of the year, so the recent polls are good news for his reelection bid. He can hardly relax, though, with up to sixteen points that could break for either candidate on Election Day.

Democrats are more inclined than Republicans to be undecided (8%) or to prefer Hutchinson (7%), though fewer are in those categories now than were in early August. But 36% of unaffiliated voters now decline to support a major-party candidate.