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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Union Endorsements for Mark Stenglein

Mark Stenglein touts a number of Union endorsements on his website. The building trades endorsed Stenglein because of the Stadium. The strange endorsement is AFSCME. Why would County Employees endorse Stenglein over Greg Gray, who was a friend to public employee unions during his term in the legislature.

I called AFSCME Council 5 and talked with political director, Jim Niland. I asked whether AFSCME reviews campaign finance reports when deciding on endorsements. He said they did not. I mentioned there were a number of interesting items in Mark Stenglein's campaign finance report - including payment for his cable bill. Niland said "I was unaware of that." I asked if Niland was aware of Stenglein's history of hostility towards the gay and lesbian community. A former commissioner described Stenglein's attitude towards gays as "rabid". Another source who attended Stenglein speeches during his mayoral campaign remembers Stenglein making a point of standing up to the gay and lesbian community. Jim Niland said "I was unaware of that." Niland said he will give my number to the AFSCME PEOPLE committee chair, and they will contact me. This should be interesting.

Developing. . .