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Monday, September 11, 2006

Whatever ya say Kevin....

From the Brainerd Dispatch:

In an Associated Press news story Goedker was quoted as saying that he would have trouble voting for someone who was gay. Last week he said he was misinterpreted and that his problem in voting for Koering was because of the lawmaker's stance on several issues, including spending,

Koering's sexual orientation, in Goedker's view, is a lifestyle that is blatantly against the Bible.

"Homosexuality is a sin but I don't judge him based on that," Goedker said. The Brainerd real estate broker said he's not perfect but he couldn't support someone who's proud of being a sinner. Similarly, he said, he couldn't support a straight person who was proud of committing sins.

"As an elected official he (Koering) shouldn't be practicing his beliefs in public," Goedker said.

In other words, is Goedker's problem that Koering is honest about who he is?

You can read more of Kevin Goedker's twisted ramblings on his blog.