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Saturday, September 23, 2006

What's going on with the Attorney General race?

Why isn't Jeff Johnson doing better in the polls? Is he still struggling with name ID?

Of all the Republicans running this year, Mr. Johnson and Pat Anderson (State Auditor) stand the best chance of getting my vote.

With all of the trouble the DFL had just coming up with a nominee, and with the years of ill will built by Mike Hatch in the AG's office, I would have hoped this was an easy, well-deserved win for the GOP.

Unfortunately, Ron Carey and his uber-blogger sidekick, Michael Brodkorp, use up all of the steam and attention on efforts that are likely to fail - namely the 5th CD, and the US Senate seat. Ron Carey should stop doing Chicken-Little toned press conferences to complain that the DFL isn't following his instructions, and start talking up the good candidates who could use some support.


minntelect said...

The real story regarding the Johnson-Swanson poll numbers, in my opinion, has nothing to do with them. The difference, given that they are both unknown, indicates that the overall Republican woes are having an impact on lower-ticket races. This is especially evident in recent polling that shows when a candidate's party identification is include, DFLers are doing better.

If I were Pat Anderson or Mary Kiffmeyer, I'd be a little concerned. It indicates that even with superior name recognition, they each may be fighting a wind that is much bigger than their own races.