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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Why does Governor Pawlenty of Tax Increases Bother Me?

I went down to the state fair. I saw NARN live at their booth. I had a civil conversation with Mitch Berg. We actually agreed on this point:

Governor Pawlenty of Tax Increases really bugs me - and not just for the stadium tax. That article with his infamous statement (that he supposedly never said) "the era of small government is over" was problematic not just for that statement.

I was trying to think what the rest of his statements in the article - being the angry populist fighting "big oil" and "big pharma" and whatnot reminded me of - and today at the state fair it came to me.

This article could just as easily been about Mike Hatch. I've always thought the main reason Mike Hatch would be a poor governor is that he takes an adversarial relationship with everybody to prove his fighting spirit. Well that might be good for an AG - but it's not good for a Governor - who is supposed to sell the state, not pick fights with all the states businesses.

I talked to someone at the DFL booth who agreed with me that Hatch was a huge liability - because of the way he dealt with Medica. Well why would people who liked that sort of thing vote for Tim Pawlenty, when they can have the real Mike Hatch? And why would DFLers who are concerned by Mike Hatch's tendency to pick fights with everyone cross party lines and vote for someone who sounds just like Mike Hatch?

Patty Anderson, who is running for state auditor was on the Drama Queen/King Banaian show. I'd love to see her debate Rebecca Otto there. I have always liked Patty Anderson. She's a down to earth good person. I asked Patty if she would run for governor, would she have signed a Twins stadium bill - and she said - not without a referendum - no. I was also impressed by her comeback to Sarah Janecek's article that called the Auditor position a "girlie position". Patty has always been one to say - go for me because of my qualifications - not "vote for me because I'm a woman", or "I'm one of those conservative women that the feminists hate". Michele Bachmann, Cheri Pierson Yecke, Annette Meeks and Katherine Kersten frequently play that line. Patty Anderson just takes people as they are, and doesn't worry about identity politics.

I was definitely disappointed to see Patty Anderson in that disgusting hysterical spyware video on gay marriage the GOP sent out. I'm sure that she was being a team player. Well Rebecca Otto voted for that amendment to take the issue off the table, so I can't see voting against Anderson because of her bit part in that video. Governor Pawlenty, Mark Kennedy, Mary Kiffmeyer and Michele Bachmann all deserve criticism in that area (Pawlenty the least) - but Patty Anderson just takes people as they are.