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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Blogger Panel at the Humphrey Institute

Mark Gisleson wrote it up at Norwegianity. He has a snarky comment about the Drama Queen.

Then the elaborate dance around the elephant on the panel began. Eric Black introduced Michael Brodkorb and Joe Bodell as bloggers who have broken stories. Needless to say, that grated on my ears.

FWIW, I don't know if Michael Brodkorb has ever broken a story. PR flacks don't break anything but wind, and when you're paid by the Republican party and a PR firm you have a choice of being called a flack or a spokesperson — blogger shouldn't be on the list of options. Taking dictation or copying text from emails is not journalism, it's flackery.

Brodkorb broke the Entenza/Hatch story. I think calling what he does "investigative reporting" is exagerating it a bit.

I got a bit tired of Eric Black and David Carr talking about how the media are getting attacked about bias all the time. So I asked commented that my criticism of mainstream media was not bias, it was that reporters all too frequently didn't go beyond press releases and talking to campaigns. My experience is that I rarely get good information from a press release or campaign information by itself. If I want to get better information I will call some third party sources. This rarely happens.

I also said that I was disappointed the Strib didn't have reporters at DFL and Republican Senate District Conventions. Ken Avidor and I went to the one in Blaine - but there were a number of these.

UPDATE: Michael Brodkorb commented he has broken much more than the Entenza-Hatch story. That's true. He has broken other stories - many about Keith Ellison. Keith Ellison and the Parking Tickets. Keith Ellison and the 911 calls. I believe Powerline did a series on Keith Ellison and CAIR - but Brodkorb posted alot about that one too. Then there were the series of stories about various DFLers sending emails for fundraisers from work email addresses. Brodkorb is a media consultant, so he has the contacts to get the mainstream media to pick up on his stories.

He also posts lots of press releases, and full text articles from newspapers on his site. His site is the best when it's original gossip, the worst when it's just the press releases.

Joe Bodell asked if the video would be posted on youtube. There was nothing worth posting, so that tape has been taped over so that Ken can use it to cover the Andover 6th District debate tomorrow. Sorry Joe - the panel just wasn't the type of thing that makes for great youtube moments the way Michele Bachmann testimony at Living Word does.


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